About Fence Consulting Services

The foundation of every project is OUR promise

Fence Consulting Services, founded in 1968, is a family run business emphasizing a service focused experience for our clients. We serve as your organization’s guide throughout the fence buying process and promise an unparalleled fence design and construction service experience.

Our broad industry knowledge comes from decades of experience working with fence manufacturers, wholesalers, and professional fence contractors.

We guarantee superior customer service and strive to exceed your expectations no matter the size of the project.

Why choose FCS?

It’s about knowledge

Cliff Baker, our founder, has been instrumental in the implementation of fencing standards across the state and for the Colorado Fence Association. His continued dedication to detail and quality remain engrained in the fence industry.

It’s about value

Our exacting standards for materials and workmanship always result in fences that are built to last. Our guarantee minimizes your risk of costly property liens, sub-standard materials, inferior installation, municipal code violations, and failure to complete the job.

Service, follow-up and protection

Our customer service goes far beyond the duration of your project. Be that months or years, upon your request our representative will return to inspect your fence and submit a written report on its condition. All projects come with a minimum of 3-year warranty, that is guaranteed by FCS.

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